Legacy Tree Service | Stump Grinding Services in Beaverton, Oregon

Stump Grinding Services

At Legacy Tree Service, we understand the challenges that come with stump grinding following tree removal. This specialized task requires professional know-how and hands-on experience. We provide expert stump grinding services in Beaverton, Oregon, ensuring minimal disturbance to the surrounding areas of your property. As a locally owned and operated business of Oregon natives, we have a rich history of serving both residential and commercial customers for tree care needs of all sizes.
What sets Legacy Tree Service apart from other local competitors in Beaverton is our commitment to treating each job as if we were working in our own yard. We abide by the latest industry standards, practices, and forms. Moreover, we take pride in being responsive to our clients’ needs and concerns, and we prioritize superior customer service in everything we do.

Legacy Tree Service | Stump Grinding Services in Beaverton, Oregon

Experience a Smooth& Healthy Landscape

We employ a Bandit 2550 stump grinder to effectively eliminate stumps from your property, enabling you to restore a healthy and level landscape. Our powerful grinder enables us to gradually remove the stump, grinding it down to 5-8 inches below the ground surface. Our grinder is adaptable to various surfaces, giving us experience in removing stumps from all kinds of properties.

Legacy Tree Service | Tree Stump Removal Services in Beaverton, Oregon

Affordable Tree Stump Removal

Though cutting down a tree and leaving a stump might be the quickest and least expensive option, stumps can be unsightly and pose potential risks. That’s why we offer tree stump removal services. Let us know about your specific tree stump situation, and we will remove and haul it away for you.

Legacy Tree Service | Tree Replacement Services in Beaverton, Oregon

Tree Replacement Planting a New Legacy

Once we complete the stump grinding process, we replace the displaced stump with soil and wood chips, allowing the excavated area to blend seamlessly with the rest of your landscape. If you’re interested in planting a new tree in its place, we can help guide the process, ensuring a successful start for your new tree.

Legacy Tree Service | Stump Grinding Costs in Beaverton, Oregon

Costs of Stump Grinding Services??

To determine the exact cost for your stump(s), simply send us a picture with a tape measure laid across the stump at its widest point. We can then provide you with a same-day estimate over the phone, email, or text. While we don’t list specific prices here, we’re confident that our rates are more affordable than those of many larger tree service companies.