Stump grinding proves to be an efficient and highly effective method for removing unwanted tree stumps. It eliminates tripping hazards, enhances the visual appeal of the property, and allows for more flexible use of the space. Here’s a detailed explanation of our process:

Legacy Tree Service | How it works | Stump Grinding


Initial Assessment:

Before our team at Legacy Tree Service begins the stump grinding process we always reach out to the appropriate 811 utility locating service to ensure no unexpected damage occurs to underground utilities. Next, we assess the size, location, and condition of the stump. We determine the best approach based on these factors, as well as any specific requirements or requests from the homeowner.

Legacy Tree Service | How it works | Stump Grinding


Equipment Preparation:

We utilize a Bandit 2550 Stump Grinder that consists of a powerful rotating cutting wheel or disc with sharp teeth. Our team ensures that the equipment is in optimal working condition and appropriate safety measures are in place.

Legacy Tree Service | How it works | Stump Grinding


Safety Precautions:

Before starting the grinding process, we take necessary safety precautions to protect both our team and the surrounding property. We secure the work area placing a net in front of our machine and covering the exposed windows to ensure that there is no damage to your property. Our team makes sure to always keep an eye for obstructions or potential hazards nearby throughout the stump grinding process. Protective gear, including goggles and gloves, are worn to ensure safe operation and our mandatory requirements for our team.

Legacy Tree Service | How it works | Stump Grinding


Grinding Process:

Using the Bandit 2550 Stump Grinder, our technicians systematically grind away the stump and its root system. The grinding wheel is positioned over the stump, and the machine is activated to start the grinding process. The rotating wheel chips away at the stump, gradually reducing it to small wood chips.

Legacy Tree Service | How it works | Stump Grinding


Depth and Grinding Area:

Our team adjusts the depth and grinding area based on the desired outcome and any specific requirements. We can grind the stump down to a few inches below ground level or grind it more extensively for complete removal, depending on the homeowner’s preference.

Legacy Tree Service | How it works | Stump Grinding


Removal of Wood Chips:

As the grinding progresses, wood chips and debris are generated. We ensure that the surrounding area remains clear of the chips to prevent any potential hazards or mess. If desired, the wood chips can be collected and spread by the customer for ground cover or used as mulch. Alternatively, the wood chips can be cleaned up and disposed upon the homeowner’s request.

Legacy Tree Service | How it works | Stump Grinding


Final Cleanup:

Once the grinding process is complete, our team conducts a thorough cleanup of the area. We remove any remaining wood chips, debris, or stump remnants, leaving the site tidy and ready for the homeowner’s use or landscaping plans.


Optional Backfilling and Restoration:

If requested, we can assist with backfilling the hole left behind by the stump grinding process. We use suitable fill material, such as topsoil, to level the area and promote proper growth of grass or other vegetation. This step ensures a seamless integration of the treated area with the surrounding landscape.


Replanting or Landscape Enhancements:

After stump grinding, homeowners often have the opportunity to replant or enhance their landscape. Our team can provide guidance on suitable tree or plant options that can thrive in the space previously occupied by the stump.

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Rick Kneedler
Rick Kneedler
Legacy removed our large western red cedar which became hazardous after the big windstorm. The tree was awkwardly located in a narrow gap between houses. The crew, led by Matt(?) did a great job surgically removing the tree without any damage to property and following safety protocol. Clean-up was also thorough. Very professional, and competitive rates.
Legacy Tree Service was awesome. Owner(Chris) and his crew was completely professional and skillful at removing our very large maple tree right next to our house. The tree was completed removed with everything cleaned up in a few hours. They even ground our large stump. Very impressed with Legacy Tree Service and highly recommend this company for all of your tree issues. We would definitely use this company again. We are very happy customers. Thank you!!
Norman Levy
Norman Levy
I'm happy to recommend Legacy Tree Service. Chris and his crew did an excellent job for us, removing a very tall honey locust tree. Some of the tree's branches had entwined into a large maple tree.They extricated the locust branches from the maple, cut and dropped the branches, and didn't damage plants or our pump houseAfter grinding the stump they cleaned up the yard and also cut the wood into the right length for firewood.Thanks for the good job.Norm
We had two large trees that needed to be removed from our back yard. There was no room to fall them so they needed to be removed in place which is tricky. The crew was skillful, fast, accommodating and the price was very fair. I would recommend them to our friends.
Bruce Friberg
Bruce Friberg
These guys removed a 100' tall sycamore tree that was within 10' of our house, gazebo and wood fence. They masterfully rigged each piece down without damaging anything.
Bruce Zentner
Bruce Zentner
I had a 120’ fir tree removed. I was very impressed by the professionalism and quality of work. I would definitely hire them again.
I highly recommend Lagacy Tree Guard to anyone that needs the services that they provide. I hired them to remove a large tree that split just a few weeks ago. Legacy was quick to respond and scheduled the work within 2 days. They were very consultive which helped me to decide what do (partial or full removal). Legacy's team members were professional, friendly, courteous, respectful, and cleaned up after the job very well. I would hire them again.
kerri engelmann
kerri engelmann
On September 19th, 2022 Legacy Tree Guard removed a huge old maple tree from our front yard that was rotting and several other trees that were med size in the same yard. They also removed a huge pine tree that was in our back yard that was too close to our fence line,,,During the process, Justin who was one of the 3 workers took a moment to comfort our 7 year old grand daughter who was devastated seeing the trees being removed. She's grown up with those trees that we decorated for Halloween and Xmas since she was a toddler. He presented her with a burl from the ancient tree so she would have a piece of it without her even asking and she immediately calmed down. He also sawed off part of the pine tree near the top and gave it to her as a remembrance which she set up in the corner of the yard. . Such kindness and care showed us what kind of folks are involved in this business...Justin didn't have to go out of his way like that but he did..He even let her try out the leaf blower that was like a backpack.. By the time they left she had a smile on her face.The other two men, Brandon and Travis were equally kind in showing her how they put the smaller pieces in the chipper and how it shot out of the top into the truck..and when the big front yard tree came down they yelled "Timber" with Lexi...The whole team was incredible with cleanup and it took A LOT less time than we anticipated. Such a great experience and we would highly recommend Legacy Tree Guard. Pricing was reasonable and service Impeccable. We will definitely be using them again to get rid of the stump :). Too bad there is only a 5 star max rating....We give them a 10. :)
They showed up on time and worked very quickly! They got the job done quickly and cleaned up so quick and fast. I will gladly call them to remove a tree for me!! Very friendly. 🙂
Aaron Eldredge
Aaron Eldredge
Great experience! Showed up when they said they would, got us the schedule quickly , took care of the tree and stump just as they said they would.