Frequently Asked Questions

What types of tree services does Legacy Tree Service provide?

Legacy Tree Service offers a range of services, encompassing tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and commercial tree services. they also offer services like storm cleanup and tree replacement.

How experienced is Legacy Tree Service?

Legacy Tree Service has been providing professional tree services in the Beaverton area since 2019. They are a family-owned business with trained professionals and use the latest techniques and specialized equipment.

Does Legacy Tree Service provide services in my area?

Legacy Tree Service services the Oregon communities of Beaverton, Aloha, Mertzger, Tigard, Hillsboro, Reedville, Cedar Hills, West Slope, Raleigh hills, and Raleigh West.

What happens after a stump has been ground down?

Following stump grinding, Legacy Tree Service will leave the remaining mulch onsite in a pile for the homeowner to use. Upon request, Legacy Tree Service can help plant a new tree in place of the removed stump. We recommend planting at least 3-4 feet away from the previous removal site to give the new plant the best opportunity to grow.

How can i get an estimate for my tree care needs?

To get a same-day estimate, you can send a picture of your tree or stump with a tape measure laid across at its widest point. You can contact Legacy Tree Service via phone, email, or text for this estimate.

Why should I remove tree stumps from my property?

Besides being visually unappealing, tree stumps can pose injury hazards and make yard maintenance difficult. They can also attract unwanted insects, cause unwanted tree growth, and potentially damage youir lawn mower if accidentally hit.

How does Legacy Tree Service ensure the safety of my property?

Legacy Tree Service employs cutting-edge techniques and specialized rigging equipment to guarantee the safety of your property. They follow all professional practices, standards, and forms in providing tree services.

Can Legacy Tree Service help with tree selection and planting?

Yes, Legacy Tree Service can help you select a great tree and set it up for success. After a stump has been removed and the area has been restored, they can assist with planting a new tree if you'd like.

How do I get in touch with Legacy Tree Service?

You can reach Legacy Tree Service at 503-290-9482. They are ready and eager to address any of your tree care needs.